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Character OLED LCD Module, OLED Character Display

Character OLED modules come in standard sizes and come be used as compatible replacements for STN LCD modules. Our OLED character displays are available in 8×2 OLED mini display, 16×1 character OLED, OLED 16×2, 20×2 character OLED display, 20×4 OLED display, and character OLED 40×2 format with 5×8 dot matrix characters. These 5V modules have built in Winstar IC WS0010 controller which offers 4 fonts sets on module. These fonts include English/Japanese, West European, Scandinavian European, and Cyrillic (Russian). Sizes are all comparable to industry standard LCD character displays. Customers can upgrade applications from STN LCD to OLED displays easily.

OLED character display modules are perfect for a number of devices.  These applications include coffee machine, POS system, 3D printer, car audio, storage device, set-top box, remote control, timer, medical equipment, pedometer, measuring machine/equipment, medical equipment, etc.

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