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Bar Type TFT LCD, Bar LCD Display, Stretched Bar LCD Display

The mainstream aspect ratio of the TFT LCD panel in the market is 4:3 or 16:9.  But for some applications, bar type shape of display panel would be much better than the current mainstream 4:3 or 16:9 to display the required information.  Bar Type TFT-LCD displays are perfect for industrial equipment, automotive application, server system, POS system, dynamic information displays and advertising display.

We offer different sizes Bar Type TFT (Stretched Bar LCD Display) including sizes of 3.9 inch, 4.6 inch and 5.2 inch.  In order to meet with customers requirement especially for industrial applications, we develop more derivative solution from these Bar type TFT as below:

  • With screw hole on frame version option.
  • With Capacitive Touch Panel or Resistive Touch Panel option.
  • High Brightness version option.
  • Controller board version option (WF52Q).

Fler Bar Type TFT finns i sortimentet än vad du ser på sidan Kontakta oss

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