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For Small HDMI Signal TFT LCD Display Panel, Mini TFT For HDMI Signal (For Raspberry Use)

HDMI signal Displays are designed to work with the Raspberry Pi or embedded system, single board computers (or desktop/laptops) which support HDMI  signal output. This series display modules come with a control board with a HDMI signal interface output; it is designed to make Raspberry Pi usage become easily. These displays are featured below advantages:

  • Designed to make Raspberry Pi usage becomes easily (Support Rasberry Pi use)
  • Support HDMI signal output
  • Good touch response
  • Fast response time
  • Support Raspberry Pi GPIO
  • Support mini-PCs, it can work as a computer monitor
  • Support RTP with USB interface
  • Support PCAP option
  • Without Touch panel option is available

Fler TFT HDMI Signal finns i sortimentet än vad du ser på sidan Kontakta oss

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