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TFT Display Panel with TFT LCD Controller Board

Display as a TFT LCD Display manufacturer has devoted itself to develop innovative TFT-LCD display new series including Winstar Q Series and P Series.   Display TFT Q Series Family (TFT Panels with SSD1963 TFT LCD Controller Board) is featuring an important key element of having an integrated 36-pinout connecter on the SSD1963 controller board.

The Q Series TFT modules are derivative products from standard TFT modules which unified the pin assignment into 36 pins on board.  The TFT Q Series is optional in 8 bit or 16 bit and already defined pin no. 33 ~ 36 as backlight supply; therefore, the customers no need to design extra backlight circuit.  Q series is support with Solomon SSD1963 Which has the traditional inputs and drive TFT by VESA signal.

The customers don’t need to design T-COM circuit on board.  Products have integrated all functions including TFT connection, backlight driver, and touch panel (capacitive touch screen / resistive touch screen) into one controller board.

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